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Class Description

Interested in getting CPR Certified?

Look no further! We have instructors with 20+ years of experience both in the field, as well as instructing in a classroom environment. In just one 4 hour class, we will teach you the necessary skills needed in order to perform high quality CPR. At the end, you will take a written & practical test to earn your certification.

Register by contacting us at the information below.

This course provides the foundation for saving lives from cardiac arrest. It teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both prehospital and in-facility environments, with a focus on high-quality CPR and team dynamics. This course is for healthcare providers for initial certification. These include EMS personnel, physician assistants, doctors, dentists, nurses and respiratory therapists. It is also ideal for students entering the healthcare field. Tuition includes the required AHA CPR BLS textbook. You must pass a written and practical skills exam to obtain certification.   

Upcoming Course Dates and Locations:

Columbia Hose

106 E. Lawton Street

Saint Clair, PA

Jan 10 at 0900,1300, 1830

Jan 16 at 0900,1300, 1830

Jan 17 at 0900,1300, 1830

Jan 24 at 0900,1300, 1830

Jan 25 at 0900,1300, 1830

Jan 30 at 0900,1300, 1830

Jan 31 at 0900,1300, 1830

Feb 9 at 0900,1300, 1830

Feb 16 at  1830

Feb 21 at 0900,1300, 1830

Feb 23 at 0900,1300, 1830

Feb 28 at 0900,1300, 1830

Tremont EMS

49 North Street

Tremont, PA

Jan 12 at 0900,1300, 1830

Jan 23 at 0900,1300, 1830

Feb 7 at 0900,1300, 1830

Feb 20 at 0900, 1300

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